Sunday, April 10, 2011

Out of the drawer and uploaded!!!!

Good morning to everyone! My novel is actually out of the drawer and has been uploaded to CreateSpace, along with the cover! It was remarkably easy, and I am taking advantage of their current sale for interior formatting and design. The next time vampire is the IRS. Because there is normally a 30 per cent witholding tax in the US with Amazon, and because Canada has a treaty with the US so that we don't have to pay it, I need a tax identification number for the IRS, which involves a form known as W-7. I have to send that off today and hope they give me a number quickly. I am impressed with the way CreateSpace is set up, very neat and step by step, with explanations, and they have called me a number of times to set up the initial consultation on the interior design but I have always been out, so we have done it all through e-mail and my CreateSpace message centre. So far so good. There was a lengthy design questionnaire which I filled out, and I must say, I was very glad to have done some reading on the subject before I had to fill it in. Also, when I signed on with CreateSpace, they sent me a link to a downloadable book with 555 ways to promote my self published book, which seem very useful. More soon....time to start filling the empty drawer with my second novel, The Third Road, set in 1950s Malaya.

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  1. Congrats Sandra for paving the way for others to follow. I'm looking forward to the launch party and of course the opportunity to read your novel from cover to cover.

    Well Done!