Monday, March 28, 2011

April publication?????

I am ashamed to see that it has been weeks since my last entry. However, here is the scoop. I went to Collections Canada and obtained my ISBN, free of charge, and with surprising ease!!!! The interior text has undergone a thorough proofreading. The cover is finished, and I have just discovered a free online barcode generator . Life is good. It is interesting though, with every step of the process, you hit a fork in the road. Current prongs: Canadian price for the barcode, US price, or a generic code which does not indicate price? The latter seems preferable, except the big book chains won't accept them for sale. Hmm. Also, the price itself: 12.95? 14.95? And now, should I take advantage of the current sale at CreateSpace which allows them to design the interior formatting of your book so that it matches the cover? Despite the templates, the formatting seems like the biggest hurdle for me, being completely non-technical and challenged even by how to insert tab stops. Ahem, there, the truth is out.  Questions, questions, questions. More answers soon, and I am hoping for publication in April!!!

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