Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Net marketing, Tabitha Black, and courage!

Thanks to Richard and Dave for the comments on the last post. It is true that the sentences are a little long on the blurb, and I will see what I can abbreviate there. The title is a bit long too, but so far it seems memorable, and this is more important, I think. I spoke to a few people at Elisabeth Harvor's book launch who had totally forgotten the original title but spewed back the new one with enthusiastic and accurate aplomb! Gadzooks! Who knew! My husband pointed out that all five Giller award nominees had short titles so I had to stand my ground and defend the current choice. This is where courage comes into play -- it is hard to be one's own publisher, but incredibly important to know and feel confident about all the choices you make for your book. Tabitha Black deserves nothing less. And now, to net marketing. I am passing along a very helpful link about net marketing for writers from Sandra Gulland, who spoke recently at the Kingson Writer's Fesival. She is clear, incredibly generous, and tech-savvy without overcomplicating things. I am about to follow her advice and will blog about these developments as I go along.


  1. Cheryl said she didn't think the title was too long so there you go. In the end, it probably doesn't matter since good quality writing will win out.

  2. Sandra, thank you for recommending my New Marketing for Luddites.

    Please let me know if you discover new things, or if any of my explanations are unclear. You may reach me at sgulland AT

    Good luck and bon courage!

    Sandra Gulland