Friday, October 22, 2010

Cover design!!!!!!

Changing the title to my novel has made a huge difference to the entire process, galvanizing the various energies needed to put the package together. One of those energies involved the cover design -- which seemed to fall into place once I felt comfortable with that all-important title. And the Seas Shall Turn to Lemonade conveyed the right tone and spirit, then I went on istockphotos and cast around for something. Presto, I found this wonderful image of a lemon slice being splashed into water. I gave it to my designer, who knew I was interested in a single arresting image, and a clean spare design, and here is what he came up with. He has not photoshopped anything yet, so eventually the water line will look more like the sea, more wavelike, and with a touch of blue. For the record, to purchase the image cost about $50, Canadian. I chose the largest size, so that it could be used in a poster or a launch invitation. Not all photos would cost this much, but I think an investment in the cover design is a good place to put my money. And although Lulu does have cover templates, I again think that invesing in a real designer is worth the minimal expense. And so, without further ado....



  1. Hi Sandra - Having seen the actual mockup, I think it's great and with the addition of ocean waves it will likely be even better. Like you, I prefer a simpler cover with one striking image. Too much design or text just confuses the reader/viewer, or at least this reader/viewer.

  2. If it's my favorite book I still think of it once in a while. I can't wait until you publish it I will buy enough copies for all the ladies in my wife's book club so they can enjoy.

  3. Good call on buying the Higher quality large scale picture!
    Launch and promo is a MUST!
    Love the image, the concept is clean, simple and captivating.

    Can't wait to see the final result!

  4. Awesome baby! A perfect cover for a fantastic book!

  5. One word comes to mind when I look at your cover, "refreshing".

    It makes me want to pick up the book much like I would pick up a glass of lemonade.

    If you were to make any design changes, I would suggest that you stick to the glass of lemonade frame and be wary of introducing elements that suggest salt water.

  6. I like it too... my suggestion is to leave the water element as is and change the border of the yellow strip at the bottom to have a top "wave" edge...