Thursday, November 17, 2011

Getting reviewed: the deafening silence

Greetings gentle readers. Happy to announce that the Three Women, Three Books reading and panel discussion at Library and Archives Canada was an awesome success! I was delighted to be sharing the stage with Jasmine Aziz, author of Sex and Samosas, and Nerys Parry, author of Man and other Natural Disasters. We had a lot of excellent questions about the pros and cons of traditional vs self publishing, a lively discussion, and of course, animated readings from three very different books. So now on to reviewing. As a result of sending our press releases and backgrounders, I got a few nibbles for review copies, which I dutifully sent out. But now I have been faced with a deafening silence...everyone said they were looking forward to reading the book, and hopefully doing a review or a profile, and now....nothing. Am I too impatient? I know it isn't because of the quality of the far reader reviews have been wonderful. So why should I care? Because I want to reach people....a wider set of readers, and sometimes a good review is all it takes. More on this soon, but for now, it seems a frustrating business, after all the hooplah of the launch and the anticipated success of the book. Thoughts?

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  1. Hi Sandra, new follower. I can't speak to the traditional reviewers, but I've been waiting patiently for about five months so far for reviews from online book bloggers who accepted e-book copies of Blood Passage for review. Their TBR (To Be Read) piles are enormous. I know people in the legacy publishing world are highly selective/exclusive, but I suspect they're probably buried as well. Patience, I suppose, is a virtue.

    Oh yeah, and the next novel in my series is slated for publication in April, and I'm starting to book reviewers now for it, before their dance cards get filled up for 2012!

    The Overnight Bestseller