Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Amazon customer review

Well, my book is on and I now have a five star customer rating and review. Honest! But still, who really knows the book is there (except you, faithful blog readers). I have many promotional ideas but also want to ensure that if these efforts succeed, people will be able to actually walk into a bookstore and buy it. This involves the kind of thing writers hate: selling themselves. But sell I must, and apparently, I must also "populate the inventory" of if I want my book to be available there. In plain english, send them copies. And as far as book retailers such as Chapters go, there is a distribution company associated with Createspace, but the choice as to whether the retailer takes the book is up the the retailer. So it is up to me to convince that bookseller that I will bring people to their door to buy my book. Chicken, egg, chicken, egg. I have now prepared a press kit, I have a snazzy author photo, and I never leave home without ten copies in the trunk! One never knows. More soon, on the promo journey, the hardest part of this whole equation so far. And of course what I want to do now is work on novel number two, but there isn't enough time, because I am trying to sell this one. Go figure. Book launch, by the way, October 5 at the Raw Sugar Cafe in Ottawa. See you there.

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